The activities team at Project Independence has been using Zoom, an online video conferencing program, to connect with dozens of members while in-person Project is on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Zoom meetings have proved popular with many members and their families and caregivers. Here’s what a few of them are saying.


“Amazing!!! My dad loves the Zoom events!  Thanks to y’all for making  this happen!


“I loved every event I was able to attend. See you all next week.”


“[The person I care for] has been so depressed and angry that she couldn’t go to Project, before we connected her via Zoom. Seeing all of us on Zoom has made her realize that we are all in the same boat and no one is actually going to Project. It has transformed her mood to be part of it and I am so grateful.” 


“I wanted to call to tell you that I was absolutely delighted to see my friends on Zoom  I missed them and was worried about them. I was thrilled to see them, to see everyone.  It makes my day, I so love seeing everyone!”