Our work in educating and informing the public about eldercare and aging is a key aspect of what we do as an organization. Since 1991, Elderly Services has operated our Aging Education Center to:

  • Offer educational programs to the community about aging.
  • Offer continuing education on a variety of topics for elders.
  • Educate families who are providing care for an elderly relative.

As part of our outreach to the community we offer talks on various topics related to aging, retirement, and eldercare to businesses, health agencies, elderly housing complexes, and other public and private organizations.

Several times a year we conduct Open House events at our facility to familiarize the public with our work. Tours are available by appointment at any time of year and we welcome inquiries about our presentations and seminars.

For more information on our Aging Education Center or to find out more about Elderly Services community outreach, call us at 802.388.3983, or write to us at mail@elderlyservices.org.