AARP: Resources for Family Caregivers 

This is a broad and comprehensive website for family caregivers. You’ll find lots of short articles with helpful suggestions.

National Alliance for Caregiving

This is an excellent list of helpful websites for caregivers including finding help, tips, financial perspectives and support groups.

The National Institute on Aging does research and also has many helpful resources.

The Alzheimers Association has many resources for caregivers as well.


Caregivers often find that caregiving is hard on their physical and mental health. Self-care is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Here are some articles to help you with this important task.

Forbes: Seven Ways Family Caregivers can Combat Compassion Fatigue (See #4 Caregivers Bill of Rights)

Family Caregiver Alliance: How to Take Care of Yourself

Be Independent Home Care: The Importance of Self Care for Carers: Infographic


Most of our links are related to dementia but stroke survivors and their care partners might find these sites helpful.

The American Heart Association put together these articles for family caregivers.

After Debra Meyerson had a stroke, she wrote a book, Identity Theft, about the profound transformation she experienced in her identity. This website is the non-profit she and her husband started to continue their work in supporting stroke survivors.

The American Stroke Foundation also has many resources for wherever you are in your recovery.


We really appreciate the philosophy and practice approach of these leaders in dementia care:

  • Natali Edmonds, Dementia Careblazers
  • Teepa Snow, Positive Approach to Care
  • David Troxel, The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimers

You can explore their approaches in the links below.

Dr. Natali Edmonds: Dementia Careblazers

Dr. Natali N. Edmonds, PsyD ABPP, Board Certified Geropsychologist

Four Steps to Help You Decide You Should Try to Change Unhealthy Dementia Behaviors (video)

Five Tips for Talking to Your Loved One with Dementia (video)

Top Three Reasons Your Loved One with Dementia Needs Nursing Home Care (video)

Dementia and Sundowning: Tips to Help You Manage Sundowning (video)

How to Talk to Someone When They Are Afraid of Saying the Wrong Thing (video)

Ten Tips for Calming your Loved One with Dementia (video)

Teepa Snow: Positive Approach to Care

Ten With Teepa Snow: Causes of Accelerated Confusion (video)

Teepa Snow:  Challenging Behaviors (video)

Teepa Snow: Positive Approach to Care

Teepa Snow: Five Challenging Dementia Behaviors Explained

Teepa Snow: An Interview: What Is it Like to Live with Dementia

David Troxel: Best Friends Approach

Best Friends Approach

David Troxel on  Facebook live


Here are some great ideas about what to do when you’re spending time with someone with dementia.

Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care: Activity Ideas For Alzheimer’s/Dementia Residents

Alzheimer’s Association: 50 Activities

Home Care Assistance: Life Enrichment Guide


From the Family Caregiver Alliance: 


Thinking through the legal issues particularly related to finances and health is important. Here are some places to start you thinking about these issues.

Alzheimer’s Association: Financial and Legal Planning

Advanced Care Directives: AARP (video)


We handpicked some articles and videos we’ve found really helpful.

Is Your Parent Refusing Care?

Personal Care for Someone with Dementia

Early Onset Alzheimers: I Will Remember For You: Steve and Mary’s Story (video)

Communicating with Someone Living with Dementia

Alzheimer’s Association: Inside the Brain, Brain Basics and Alzheimer’s Effect

Alzheimer’s Association: Sundowning

National Institute on Aging: Tips for Coping with Sundowning