“I’m so glad to be coming to Project … it’s good for me to get out and socialize.”

– Marion, participant

“As a family, we simply cannot tell you how much we appreciate the years you have all devoted in contributing to our mom’s happiness and well-being. The level of care, respect, integrity, kindness, and warmth shown to mom was never in question. And our family was always offered support, and afforded a level of comfort, knowing that Mom was safe. She always spoke very fondly of her experiences there and of all of you. With sincere appreciation,”

– Erin, daughter

“I don’t know where we would be without Project! Thank you all for everything you do for Joe! Project Independence has changed my husband from someone who sat on the couch all day, becoming weaker and increasingly depressed, to someone who can continue to live at home and now looks forward to each day.  The staff, the stimulation and being surrounded by others with the same, if not greater, limitations that he has, have been a game changer for him! Thank you!”

– Virginia, spouse

“I can’t thank you and all the staff there for all you did for Clayton and for others with similar needs, and I want you to know how much I appreciate that. Without Project Independence providing such a great support service for him and us we would be worn out and at our wit’s end. My wife, my brother and I really benefit from the activities and interpersonal interactions and respite services that are provided by the caring and dedicated staff there.”

– Philip, brother

“I am beyond thankful for a program such as project; it’s the only thing he really looks forward to these days.”

– Capricia.daughter

“She began attending Project Independence approximately a year ago. Today she attends four days a week. Her whole outlook on life, her health and her happiness has changed for the better. Her diet has drastically improved. She feels a part of the community and has stories to share with us. Project has without a doubt saved her from going to a nursing home. They also have saved my family. Without Project we would have to give a lot of time and support to my mother-in-law, which was very stressful and difficult. We are the sandwich generation, we are raising a child and also caring for an aging parent. Project is helping us all thrive. I don’t know what we’d do without Project Independence. We are so thankful.”

– Debi, daughter-in-law

“My husband attends Project Independence in Middlebury at least four days a week and truly loves it there. The amazing staff is unfailingly supportive and attentive to all the participants’ needs as well as offering family support from a very caring perspective.  Given his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, my husband (and I) would be unable to get through the week without this program of appropriate activities, delicious meals, companionship, and care for him. I am very fortunate to be able to continue to do most of my daily activities knowing that he’s safe, active, and engaged with others. Dementia tends to be a hidden problem in our communities, and I am extremely grateful for this superior quality program here in Middlebury.”

– Susan, spouse

“The level of caring, compassion and community that Project has provided and continues to provide to so many is unmatched.”

– Sgt. Casey Covey, Middlebury Police Department (and former staffer at Project Independence)