At Project Independence, we love sports! Ken Schoen and Jeff Ellison are staff sports leaders and their enthusiasm is infectious.

“We have rules in our sports here at Project, “says Ken, “and Rule Number One is ‘Laugh a lot!’ ”

“Rule Number Two is ‘Don’t take it too seriously,’ ” Jeff adds with a smile.

Jeff and Ken agree that even people who have never played before have a great time, and the goal is to have everyone feel like a winner.

Our Sports Philosophy

  • Fun is most important;
  • Laugh a lot;
  • Have fun moving;
  • Be kind;
  • Include everyone; and
  • We can all be winners!


Among the games we love are tennis, whiffleball, bonebuilders, dancing, tai chi, ladder ball, bean-bag toss, basketball bonanza, shuffleboard, walking group, pool, and many others.

Keep moving to live well!

According to the Harvard Health Letter, you can slow down the aging process with as little as 15 minutes a day of moderate activity. “If you have physical limitations such as arthritis, poor vision, or balance problems, the key is to find a pattern of exercise that you can stick with,” says geriatric cardiologist Dr. Daniel Forman. “Your commitment to moving regularly makes a big difference to your overall health. It affects thinking and mood, which combine to make a huge difference in how well you live, not just how long.”