We believe that good eldercare begins with responding to the needs of family caregivers. At Elderly Services we serve families first and foremost by providing safe, superior quality adult day care for their elderly loved ones. In so doing, we also provide a break to family caregivers, giving them the opportunity to work, relax, and recharge knowing their loved ones are well cared for. And we provide supportive services, including a monthly Family Support Group, personal and family counseling, eldercare counseling, and an Aging Education Center.

What People Are Saying

Carol Gibson-Warnock with her father, Jack

“You gave my father a life again. Dad went from sitting alone in his room, lonely, to seeing possibilities in his life again. He started singing at Project! I never heard him sing before. I think Project Independence gave him the happiest years of his life.”
— Carol Gibson-Warnock

“I was able to keep my mother home with me for seven years while she lived with Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to the 40 hours a week of exceptional care you gave her at Project Independence, I was able to maintain both my career and my balance.”
— Patti Paige, Vergennes

“Your wonderful program and your magnificent services were such an important part of my mother’s life until the very day she got ill. Please know that we will always be grateful for everything Project Independence provided for her. As the new kid on the block my mother felt so welcomed from the very first day she attended. I was the nervous one putting her child on the bus the very first day of school. Sigh … she got off the bus that evening and had a wide smile on her face stating quite proudly, “I’m the champion!” She had had the highest score at bowling. The rest is history. Each day was a blessing for both of us. Thank you, a million times, thank you all.”
— Claire Tetrault

Sandy and Peg Martin

“An absolutely fabulous staff, plus activities geared to individuals, plus awesome food means guilt-free respite for caregivers. Thank you, Project!”
— Peg Martin, Middlebury

“Elderly Services provided a safe haven that made it possible for Dad to remain in his own home until he was almost 100. Since we tend to be gone a lot, it was a real comfort and blessing to us to know that he could turn to Elderly Services if the need arose. Over the years you did so many things that helped us. When we had to leave Middlebury on short notice you made all the arrangements for Dad to move into a temporary care home. And we will always be grateful for your taking the lead in helping us solve various issues that had us very worried.”
— Don & Rhonda Ballou

“You kept my mom out of the hospital. Your nurses noticed changes in Mom, listened to her lungs, talked to the doctor, and we nipped pneumonia in the bud. Your social workers and nurses have given me advice and support. Project Independence gave me time to myself and helped me keep balance in my life as a caregiver.”
— Jeff Morse, Middlebury

Dale Beaulieu

“I used to volunteer here and then I got a little older and decided to join Project as a participant. I live way out in the country and now the van comes to pick me upl My family is at work all day and I don’t want to be home alone. Here I feel like I belong and I’ve made friends. I even have my own counselor. We have a lot of laughs. I didn’t think I could ever be this happy again.”
— Dale Beaulieu

Jeanne and Ted Markut

“We’ve been married for 65 years. As we’ve gotten older and Ted has Parkinson’s, I know I need help. We are so happy that our children found Project Independence for us. It is a big relief, really a gift. I know Ted is in good hands with you. I have peace of mind three days a week and Ted really enjoys the music and bands.”
— Jeanne Markut