Dear ESI College students:

As you may have guessed, all ESI College classes for the spring are canceled. Our planning for summer is on hold as well. This note will let you know how the course fees are being handled and what to expect from Elderly Services at this time.

Course Fees

We will return to you, via mail, your registration fees for spring classes [we have your original payment; no cash or checks were deposited]. If you provided a credit card number, your account will not be charged. Also, if you registered for the classes that were canceled in March (winter term), we will refund the fee you paid for those.

Some students, instead of a refund or return, have already asked us to convert their payment into a charitable donation to Elderly Services. In this time where we have had to close our doors, we gratefully say thank you! If you wish to make that arrangement, please send an e-mail message as soon as possible to Jeff Rehbach, our office manager, at

What to Expect from Elderly Services

We are reinventing ourselves as an agency that has promoted connection and community by gathering together. Currently we are fashioning ways of keeping connected with our adult day care participants and families/caregivers. We are also concerned about isolation of our ESI College students. We are going to be exploring other alternatives in the coming weeks to stay connected and help you feel part of a community of learners while practicing social distancing. 

If you have ideas or would like to be a part of some kind of online learning community, please e-mail me: If you have suggestions I would be very interested.

Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to a time in the future when we can gather together in the same room. 

Also, please know that while our center is not open to the general public, we are working to support the community on all issues related to aging. Please call (802.388.3983) or e-mail if we can help you in any way!

Kind regards,

Kristin Bolton
ESI College Coordinator &
Assistant Director, Elderly Services