Are you concerned about an elderly relative?

Are you an older person struggling with boredom, sadness, or anxiety?


Aging can be a challenge, emotionally and socially. You may be an elder yourself and struggling with loneliness, depression, or a decision about where to live. You may be frustrated due to health issues. Perhaps you’d like to improve your relationship with an adult child.

Elderly couples often have adjustment issues when one becomes dependent on the other. Some couples develop tension when they are together all day in the house.

Family caregivers—adult children, elderly spouses, grandchildren—report high levels of stress. If you are concerned about an elderly loved one’s well being, you might benefit from professional advice and emotional support. Elderly Services offers:

  • telephone appointments during the pandemic;
  • counseling for individual elders;
  • marriage and couples’ counseling;
  • family meetings and communication;
  • family caregiver assistance;
  • and local and long-distance counseling.

Contact Joanne Corbett, MSW, executive director of Elderly Services Inc., to learn more about our eldercare counseling services. We are a Medicare participating provider. Call 802.388.3983, or write to