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Who We Are
Our Mission

It is the mission of Elderly Services to provide creative, high quality programs to help elders live safe and satisfying lives in their own homes and communities.
Growing Old With Dignity
"Aging." "Getting old." These are words Americans don't like. Some say we are the most youth oriented culture in history. Because of this, many elderly American men and women face depression, loss of purpose, and loneliness.

Elderly Services wants to be part of a revolution. We want to help people grow old with dignity, pleasure, community, and a sense of purpose.

Six days a week we greet our elderly adult day care participants with affection and enjoyment. Our home away from home is a place where elders whose independence has lessened are treated with respect and dignity. Fun is a priority. Having a reason to get up in the morning is therapy for some who have lost a sense of purpose or routine. Getting out of the house, being in an entertaining and loving social circle, and feeling spirits lift- this is what we want for elders who have had a stroke, who are very frail, or who have a chronic illness.

Our idea is catching on. Over the past ten years, Elderly Services has more than quadrupled the number of elderly it serves. David Yacovone, Vermont's former Commissioner of the Department of Aging and Disabilities has called us, "...the standard by which we measure all other adult day programs in Vermont."

Come join us in promoting quality of life for Vermont elders.

Elderly Services is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to
serving the needs of elders and their families since 1981.

Caring Since 1981
A Brief History

In the late 1970's a forward-thinking committee in Addison County, Vermont gave birth to Project Independence, and one of the nation's earliest adult day care centers came into being. Originally administered by the Counseling Service of Addison County, Project Independence was formed to meet a growing need to provide care and socialization for frail elderly wanting to live at home. "We had some services in place for the elderly then," says Anne Ginevan, one of Elderly Services' original incorporators, "but recognized the need for more. We modeled our center on the only other existing adult day care in the state. We started with five participants." Little did the founders dream that 20 years later Addison County's center would be featured at national conferences for "Best Practices in Adult Day Care". In 1981 Elderly Services was created as a new organization to administer Project Independence and address the needs of older people. Barbara Sabourin, 80, was hired in 1981 and still works with us. "We were very small, maybe a dozen people in one big room in the Methodist Church basement. We were only open until 2 p.m. and we only had one van- one trip into the country and one into town." By 1990 Elderly Services had moved from the Catholic convent to the Congregational Church's Charter House. We had hired a nurse, initiated an Alzheimer's Disease program, established our own van transportation, and had served an average of 15 elderly people a day for several years. Eighteen years later Elderly Services is a nationally recognized leader in adult day care, and the number of elders we serve each day has more than quadrupled. According to Anne Ginevan, "We were only the second adult day care center in the state, but today I believe wholeheartedly we are the best." More and more families are choosing our adult day care center to avoid nursing home placement for their elderly relative.

Fifteen years of Transformation
  • Completed $5 million capital campaign and opened the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elderly Services in 2005
  • Established Elderly Services as the largest, most highly developed center in Vermont. Cited as "...the standard by which we measure all other adult day programs in Vermont", by David Yacovone, former Vermont State Commissioner of the Department of Aging and Disabilities.
  • Chosen as one of 50 national model centers by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Partners in Caregiving Adult Day Care Initiative.
  • Featured as one of 20 national models at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-sponsored conferences on "Best Practices in Adult Day Care".
  • Designated one of 16 national Teaching Model Centers by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative.
  • Addressed skyrocketing demand for adult day care by creating an innovative afternoon-evening program and six day weekly schedule.
  • Obtained Veterans Administration certification, "Medicaid provider status", and Medicare certification for mental health care.
  • Created ESI College Lifelong Learning Center in 2005
  • Created new services including Geriatric Mental Health Program; Eldercare Counseling; and Aging Education Center.
  • Launched research partnership with the University of Massachusetts Gerontology Center.
  • Celebrating 27 years of serving elders and their families with success and joy!

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Let us be your partner in aging positively or providing eldercare to a loved one!

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