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April 2, 2020

Elderly Services Reinvents Itself

Elderly Services/Project Independence has offered the wonders of communal group programming for very elderly people for 40 years. We have transformed lives with the philosophy of “getting out is good for you.” Suddenly, the virus has turned our mission upside down.

Elderly Services is still alive and well, though our beautiful facility is closed to the public for a while. We are now using telephones and computers, with home-based staff, to promote a sense of group and belonging—and to monitor and improve health and mood. We are reinterpreting our Project Independence mission to remotely serve participants and caregivers, and are now offering:

  • Twice weekly telephone companionship, emotional support, and monitoring of needs of 150 elders who are our adult daycare members. 
  • Once weekly counselor telephone consultation with family caregivers—40 family caregivers.
  • Two days of weekly adult day care nursing assessments by our nurses.
  • Remote activities programming by a team of adult day care staff for elderly members (with help from family members) to enjoy via Facebook, YouTube, Facetime, Zoom and other computer avenues—increasing belonging and improving mood.
  • A weekly bulletin produced and mailed to all elderly members, families and staff, featuring news, humor and activities.

We will also be creating opportunities for our ESI College students to engage with one another and with our instructors as we pilot an online learning initiative in the coming months.

We will not close up and go silent. We have worked for 40 years to create a thriving, joyous group program that transforms the lives of 80- to 100-year-olds and brings peace and rest to families. Our staff are working creatively from home to sustain our circle of belonging and affection.

We are deeply appreciative of the support of our community at this difficult time. We also want to support you. Our social workers are still available over the phone to help. Please call us (802.388.3983) if you need some support.


Kristin Bolton, Assistant Director

March 17, 2020

ESI to Pause Project Independence, ESI College and Other Services

Following the recommendation of the Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Department of Aging and Independent Living, which oversee our agency, we will be pausing our services as of 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17.

This includes Project Independence, ESI College and our other on-site services such as Caregiver Support Group and Counseling Services.

As directed by these state agencies, we will re-assess after April 15. 

We know these are stressful times and that care for frail elders can be a challenge even at the best of times. Please don’t hesitate to call us (802.388.3983) or e-mail ( if you need some phone support. 

We are working on some ideas for being in touch and providing a different kind of support for our participants and families as we practice social distancing. 

Please make sure we have your e-mail address and your best contact information so that we can reach out to you in the next month and keep you up to date on what’s happening.

Take care, be well, and stay in touch!

Kristin Bolton, Assistant Director

March 10, 2020

Dear Participants, Family Members and Caregivers:

We’re in a challenging time with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 spread. Older people are considered among the most vulnerable. We’ve been receiving regular memos from the Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Department of Aging. We will follow their recommendations and have also put in place additional precautions, listed below.

We expect that the situation will continue to change. If you have any questions, please call 802.388.3983.

Would you please provide us with your email and mobile number so we can reach you as quickly as possible? You can email us at

Thank you so much for your attention to this.


Joanne Corbett, Executive Director
Kristin Bolton, Assistant Director

Coronavirus Prevention/COVID-19 Prevention Measures

  1. If you (or your loved one) have developed any sign of a fever, dry cough or chest congestion, you must stay home.
  2. If you have been near a family member or friend who has symptoms, you must stay home.
  3. We will be contacting you to ask risk-screening questions, required by the state of Vermont for eldercare centers.
  4. We have intensified attention and supervision of thorough hand-washing.
  5. We have increased our cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and equipment.
  6. We are reducing volunteers and visitors to reduce exposure risk.